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"I quote others only in order the better to express myself."

Michel de Montaigne

My Students: Quote


Feedback from students outside of requested evaluation settings. I often find these the most indicative of my efficacy as an educator, because this is unsolicited feedback that a student has gone out of their way to send me, outside of the anonymous format of evaluations.

My Students: Testimonials

I wanted to take the time to send you an email and say thank you. [...] Your ability to break down formulas and translate physics into words that are easily understandable is quite remarkable. As I begin applying physics in my career to give back to the community and save lives, I will always think of you. [...] You have instilled so much confidence in me that I will carry with me throughout the remainder of my academic career and into my professional career. 

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.

Email, May 2022

From the beginning of the semester, you have always worked to instill in your students the belief that we are capable, and not just as physics students. [...] Your humanity made physics a class that I looked forward to each lecture, and a class that I genuinely enjoyed taking.

This is nothing if not a reflection of the kind, compassionate, and encouraging person that you are beyond being an amazing educator. I feel grateful for the opportunity to have been one of your students and to have taken this class so early on in my education, as the lessons that I’ve learned—both those pertaining to physics and those that extend beyond this course—have helped me become a better student and person.

Email, April 2022

I just wanted to say thank you. Now that the semester is done I just wanted to say you are one of my favorite professors to come out of GRCC. Your class was the most interesting class I've had, and I really enjoyed it. Seeing the passion you have for astronomy, and watching you put it in your teaching is what I really like seeing in a professor. I look at the sky very differently now, and I love looking up to see if I can catch any of the things we have learned about.

Email, April 2022

I want to thank you for all the support, motivation, and inspiration you have given me through the years. Having you to look up to has encouraged me to believe in myself as well as push myself to find the best career for me. I find so many people are unhappy and unfulfilled in their careers which is difficult not only for those people but for the people around them. Seeing you truly love what you do and care about the people around you is incredibly motivating and very inspiring and I can never thank you enough.

Email, March 2022

First of all, thank you so much for your dedication to science and teaching! I am so glad that I took this course! The curriculum that you have broke everything down into chunks that made understanding the content much easier to understand. I learned alot about our universe and its past, present and future. I have already been able to share what I have learned with my family and friends and actually support arguments with facts and evidence. Thank You!

Email, April 2021

I just wanted to personally thank you for a great semester and all of your hard work you put into the class. I previously thought I was very bad with science but your teaching, the passion you have for the subject and guidance throughout this semester of astronomy has helped me improve immensely. Thank you again, Enjoy your summer!

Email, April 2019

Thank you for everything that you have done to provide your students with the tools that they need to be successful. Your dedication was evident in your teaching methods and in the extra time you gave, especially on testing days. I began this class feeling that it would be something to overcome [...]. I did not expect that it would come to be the favorite class of my college education. It was definitely challenging but I enjoyed every moment of it. Each problem type learned provided a sense of accomplishment and sparked a desire to master what would come next.

Email, December 2018

Thank you so much! I am so sad to leave that class because I loved it so much. I enjoyed every lesson and always looked forward to class. Everyone I talked to agreed your passion towards the subject made me it so much more fun and intriguing. [...] Thank you so much for the amazing class. I learned so much and genuinely loved it. Keep up the great work! You're an incredible teacher.

Email, December 2018

I wanted to say I appreciate the recognition for the hard work put into your class. For me it didn't come naturally, however, I felt I worked very hard all semester to tredge through so many new concepts. I also felt as though all the resources were available and you made them as easily accessible as possible.

Email, May 2018

I'm writing to you this evening because I believe in the value of communication--in all walks of life and in all interpersonal relationships. I wanted you to know how enjoyable this first session was. The thought you give to your lesson plan is readily apparent, and I appreciate the learning environment on which its premised. [...] I thank you for your time and your instruction.

Email, January 2018

I wanted to say that I really valued your class, particularly your teaching! I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you; I gained so much from your class: scientific literacy, your mantra regarding confusion, the affirmation that asking questions no matter how seemingly silly is smart, and a deepened curiosity. I seriously look up to you Dr. Woolsey. I hope to one day be as good and efficacious as you.

Email, October 2017


Solicited anonymous feedback from students about my teaching in my role as their professor.

My Students: Testimonials

Dr Woolsey has been absolutely awesome! Her understanding of the different learning styles that students have and her ability and willingness to have a fluid approach to lectures or assignments is so helpful! She's shown she can adjust and adapt her teaching style for any given topic and/or to re-explain things in totally different ways to help a student if they are not grasping the initial explanation of something is fantastic.

Winter 2022

Honestly the best professor I've had at GRCC. Ever since the first day of the semester, she has always supported her students in whatever way she can, both inside the classroom and out. It's rare for a professor to care as much about their students as she does, and it's made physics (a subject I once hated because I didn't understand it) a class that I genuinely enjoyed. She is also one of the most down to earth and kindest people I've ever met!

Winter 2022

Dr. W is the best professor I've ever had in my college career, and I truly mean that. She is kind, extremely intelligent, and her care for each of her students shines through in everything she does. I now feel confident in a subject that I never thought I would understand, and it is completely due to Dr. Woolsey's teaching.

Fall 2021

Professor Woolsey brings back the human element of teaching. I felt during this time that this is a professor that cares about what she is teaching. She never once mentioned her qualifications. Or that she came from Harvard. This speaks volumes of her not only as a Professor but as a human being. Her online lectures felt exactly what it would be like if I was on campus. When she made a mistake during the lecture, she would smile, forgive herself, and move on. I never once felt like this was just a day job and she was cashing the check. This seemed like a passion for her and that made me sit up and pay more attention to what she was teaching. The discussion boards were real and at times real discussions were happening.

Fall 2021

Dr. Woolsey is very dedicated to help students to achieve their potential. This is a very intense class with quite a bit required as far as time and energy, and she understands and offers any help you need at various times/days!

Winter 2021

[I consider the instructor's strengths to be:] Explaining physics in an easy and helpful way. I am retaking physics and she has taught me in amazing ways. She is very organized, our expectations are clear. Dr. Woolsey is my favorite professor I have ever had.

Winter 2021

Dr. Woolsey has great enthusiasm and knowledge towards astronomy, and it shows through her teaching and lecture slides. She is always in great spirits and encourages classroom participation. She is willing to answer questions about homework in her office hours, and made that known to students several times throughout the semester. This is something that I wished I utilized more. 

I appreciate that she valued critical thinking highly, and showed examples of what could be on the test throughout the course. Previous to this class, I mostly focused on my memorization skills, so this class helped me learn the importance of critical thinking. Her teaching style helped me maintain the information, rather than just memorizing for an exam and forgetting it.

Fall 2019

She is incredibly smart and understands her field, she acts more as a classroom google at times. She is nice and friendly and genuinely wants her students to do well and wants them to enjoy themselves along the way. At the same time she still brings her passion for the topic and information to the class.

Fall 2019

Dr. Woolsey has been such a great instructor for this semester! I have enjoyed her class. Her fascination and extensive knowledge of the information helps me easily understand the topics and feel comfortable asking her questions, even if they are obscure or specific because there is a good chance she will have some insight about it. She also is fun loving and passionate about teaching critical thinking rather than getting past a class by memorizing information. She genuinely wants us to retain and learn skills that will aid us in college and our careers rather than simply teach and pass along more students.

Winter 2019

Professor Woolsey is insanely smart but she does not let her intelligence become condescending. She teaches in a way that makes our curriculum understandable and if one has a question, she answers it efficiently and will help that student until they understand.

Winter 2019

As this has been my first Physics course ever, Dr. Woolsey did an excellent job introducing material to me that I've never worked with before, and she did so in a structured, trustworthy manner with the Problem Sets and Skill Drills that were assigned weekly. Having due dates that are predictable like that are so very helpful when trying to juggle many other coursework due dates at the same time. The Reading and Reflection sheets are something I haven't seen before. They prove that she not only wants to have her students honest and open about how
they feel throughout the duration of the course, but it also proves that she wants to be involved in the students' success. Dr. Woolsey genuinely cares about her students, and she shows this by going above and beyond (such as her extensive and efficient use of Blackboard, extra practice problems, and extended time limits during testing).

Fall 2018

Dr. Woolsey is extremely good at not only teaching the course material, but also working in different ways to think about the material that helps apply the information to my mind that makes it stick. She is straightforward, and takes her time with every concept, answering any and all questions before moving onto another idea. She is very understanding, and is always willing to work with a student outside of class to make sure that the lesson was clear.

Fall 2018

This professor is very nice and easy to talk to. The course is very well laid out and explained. She is very professional and respectful of us as adults. She is clearly well educated and knows what she is talking about; its almost intimidating, but not in a bad way. She makes learning fun and interesting, and she even has coffee because she understands we are tired and stressed out. I appreciate her and the way she is passionate about what she teaches. Her passion is like motivation to want to know more about what she has to say.

Winter 2018

[Strengths:] Knowledge of the material, being able to slow things down to make sure everyone is on the same page understanding the material. All the practicing of the problems saved me, you can tell that she is what everyone searches for in a teacher. The way she conducts the classroom is just so easy to be able to succeed.

Fall 2017

She's very nice, you can tell she loves her job and is prideful at what she does. She knows EVERYTHING! super smart and smiley. she's understanding and will work with you. She loves when people are curious and asks questions and that is very cool.

Fall 2017

She is clearly very knowledgeable in physics and provides great explanations to make the content understandable. She always is willing to answer questions and help students. When certain topics were difficult to grasp, she never made the students feel embarrassed for catching on slowly. Instead, she would find a way that the student could understanding the information. She always came to lab prepared with the foundations of the lab to get us started and then be available if we had questions along the way. I'm glad I had her as a lab professor and have a lot of respect for her. Her kindness and sense of humor made lab more relaxing and fun, resulting in a positive learning environment. I also appreciate how well she and Professor Cebalak worked together. When she taught us lecture material in lab, I felt confident I knew the material well enough for the lecture exams.

Winter 2017

Professor Woolsey has been one of the most passionate and enjoyable GRCC professors that I've had in my college career. Science has never ever been my strong suit but this has been this first science course that I have thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was difficult don't get me wrong, but Professor Woolsey would understand that not every student would know the more complex information about astronomy like she does. She is willing to help you with anything. From a lecture to a project, if something doesn't make sense or if someone is struggling she is always eager to make sure you understand.

Winter 2017

She teaches not from the book but from knowledge. It is obvious that she knows what she is teaching. We have one student, in the class that I am in, that is constantly late and does not do the work that is required. She treats him with the same respect that she shows everyone else.

Fall 2016


Solicited feedback from students about my teaching in my role as a teaching assistant or teaching fellow.

My Students: Testimonials

Lauren did an outstanding job of truly taking an interest in the learning of her students. She exhibited a genuine mastery of all the subject matter and was always able to tackle questions and foster discussions that went beyond the required syllabus. More importantly, she has an uncanny ability for effectively imparting this knowledge as an instructor. Lauren is among the best TFs I have had in more four years at Harvard. Please accept this as the highest possible recommendation.

Lauren was like an astronomy saint. A brilliant heliophysicist herself, she was extremely well-equipped to help with every question and concept. And, even more importantly than that, she is an excellent teacher and communicator, and had a brilliant knack for explaining difficult concepts in creative ways to students. She went above and beyond the call-of-duty every week, helping me outside of her own review sessions and office hours to finish p-sets and prepare for exams.

I feel very lucky to have Lauren as my section leader, especially given the importance of sections - it is in section that all materials come together and Lauren not only does a superb job at doing so, but she also enriches our understanding by presenting other materials and patiently answering student's questions.

Lauren is, without a doubt, the absolute best TF I have ever encountered at Harvard. She was always available and supportive, and her explanations were always straightforward and easy to understand. I would not have gotten through this class without her!!

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