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Lauren may be available to assist you with intensive playtesting and blind playtesting. Please contact her at the.cgs.unit [at] if you are interested. Below are a few testimonials from designers that have worked with Lauren in the past.

Playtesting: Testimonials

Lauren has helped several of my game projects immensely. She listens carefully to what I’m trying to achieve and often cuts to the heart of an issue with several ideas to consider. Be prepared to hear what you need to hear, not what you’d like to hear, but so pleasantly. She also has a knack at rules organization and writing which I highly recommend.

Jeff Johnston, Pair of Jacks Games and designer of Moonquake Escape

Lauren is a wonderful play tester. She is kind and patient and truly interested in both playing the game and providing thoughtful and critical feedback during and after the game. She has been doing this long enough to understand that not all games are created equal. From rough, early prototypes to more polished designs, Lauren understands that each case is unique. She knows how to focus her feedback appropriately and offer tips or new ideas to influence the design.

David Wilkinson, designer of Castles of Caladale and member of Game Makers Guild

Lauren was by far the best playtester we had for our card game (8 Kingdoms). As one of our former contacts from the Boston Game Makers Guild, we went to her at the end of our playtesting process when our game was basically done and asked her to do a blind playtest of our finished game. Lauren responded very quickly, and her notes were specific and insightful, pointing out what she had enjoyed and what worked well along with parts that seemed vague, ambiguous, or flawed. I would definitely use Lauren again for future playtesting as well as any commentary on games and game design.

Justin Call, President and CEO of Broomstick Monkey Games

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