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Collect molecules to create the building blocks of life!

Players: 3-6, ages 7+

Length: 30-45 minutes

Rules: in English or Italian

Amino has been featured at the following conventions: Unpub 5, Gen Con 2015, and Boston Festival of Indie Games 2015. Available for purchase on DriveThruCards!


Create a sampler quilt for the local quilt show!

Players: 2-4, ages 8+
Length: 30-45 minutes

Match Quilt has been featured at Unpub 6! Build a four-by-four sampler quilt of quilt block cards. Blocks earn points for matching fabrics and patterns of neighboring cards.

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Change stars with astronomical consequences!

Players: 2-4, ages 14+
Length: 40-60 minutes

Stars, Inc. has been featured at the following conventions: Boston Festival of Indie Games 2014, UnPub 5, and BOSKONE 52. It is based on real science! Click for more details about Stars, Inc.

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I co-host Playability Podcast with Rebecca Strang and our sound editor and producer Mike Risley.

We record 10-20 minute one-on-one interviews with game designers, publishers, and other members of the board gaming community. Find us on major social media networks as @playabilitypod, and check us out in your favorite podcast app!

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In many ways more appealing to me than game design is game development. I love finding the best parts of a game prototype and helping to make them shine. I attend the local game designer's group, Grand Rapids Unpublished Boardgame Society (GRUBS) regularly, often without one of my own designs in tow.

I really enjoy playtesting other designers' games, I look forward to Unpub when I can attend and will be starting to attend Protospiel more often. Click here for quotes from designers about playtesting I've done for a few more involved projects.

Finally, I am a judge in several annual design contests, these are listed below and include any of my additional roles.

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2017 - Present

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